Automatic Boat Latch

Automatic Boat Latch

The automatic boat latch is revolutionizing the boating industry. We ask, are you tired of struggling to load and unload your boat onto the trailer? Well look no further, We have the automatic boat latch on Boat2Trailer. This latching system is the superior choice for boat owners everywhere. Boat2Trailer offers an innovative and efficient automatic boat latch design. Our product is made of the highest quality materials that are built to last. Choose the automatic boat latch on Boat2Trailer for the best possible solution to all your boating needs.

How Does An Automatic Boat Latch Work?

First let’s talk about where it goes or how it is installed. The automatic boat latch replaces the front roller, V bumper or bow stop on your boat trailer. You will still use and keep your winch for travel. You will remove the front roller with one bolt and replace it by installing our latch. Literally a one bolt installation process.

There are a few specifications for trailers and boats for compatibility. You can click on this link Ramp N Clamp Compatibility to make sure your boat and trailer is compatible. The clamp has a locking design that grabs on to the existing eye of your boat. You simply drive the boat up the trailer at an above idle speed. Make sure you have enough speed to reach the clamp. When the eye on the boat comes in contact with the the clamp, it will begin to lock onto the eye. This secures your boat to the trailer. Now that the boat is locked to the trailer you can pull the boat and trailer forward into a dry area. Now hook up your strap and chain for safe travel.

The clamp allows a person to load a boat without getting your feet wet, hanging over the bow or walking out on the tongue of the trailer. Many accidents happen at the boat ramp from slipping on the ramp or falling from walking on the trailer. The automatic boat latch now makes loading a boat safer and easier than ever.

What Is An Automatic Boat Latch?

An automatic boat latch is a stainless steel clamping system. The system is designed to grab on to the eye of your boat and lock or secure the boat. Here is an example of the functionality of an automatic boat latch when loading a boat.

When loading a boat on to the trailer, the boat travels up the trailer and contacts a bumper or roller. Then you must get under the boat and quickly hook up your strap and chain to keep the boat on the trailer. With the automatic boat latch you drive the boat up the trailer. The eye on the bow comes in contact with the clamping system not a standard roller. Once the eye comes in contact, the clamp pivots or rotates into the locking position. This secures the boat to the trailer. Allowing you to drive into the dry area to hookup your strap and chain for travel.

Pros and Cons Of Launching and Loading With The Latch


  • You No longer need to hang over the bow to release your boat.
  • There is no need for walking out on the trailer tongue trying to balance on the trailer.
  • No more walking on a slippery or icy boat ramp
  • You will no longer hold up the boat ramp with a long boat launch or retrieve process
  • Eliminate the chance of releasing the crank and have the handle smack you if it gets loose.
  • No more worrying about going on the boat alone
  • Less arguments or yelling at the ramp (It Has LITERALLY Been Called The Marriage Saver)


  • You may end up having more friends want to go boating with you catching all your fish
  • You may need to find something else to complain about
  • You might get home faster than you promised
  • You will be on the lake faster and probably get blamed for catching all the fish before the other boats got on the water,